Relationship Astrologer

How Astrology Helped Me And Countless of Commitment-Seeking Women

Experienced Love In The Most Soulful And Positive Way

(Even If It Seems Almost Impossible With Him...)

If you too, are also facing any of the following like what many others and I had:
▫️ Tired of Trying So Hard To Want Him To Commit...
▫️ Wanting To Know If He Is The 'ONE' For You...
▫️ Sick of Painful Breakups And Empty Promises...
▫️ Keep Attracting The Wrong Partner In Your Life...
▫️ You Are Always Making The Moves To Initiate Contact..
▫️ He Is Always Blowing Hot And Cold...
▫️ He Doesn't Treat You As A Priority Yet...
If You Have Checked ANY Of The Boxes above, then This Page Will CHANGE the way how you experience LOVE FOREVER!
You have been searching for answers to your relationship concerns and I want to tell you that your search is over, and you have landed yourself on the perfect site! Because here, you will discover:
▫️ How Compatible Are You With Your Special One Astrologically?
▫️ What Are The Themes & Qualities You Tend To Attract In A Relationship?
▫️ Do You Both Share Similar Values & Life Directions?
▫️ How To Make Unconditional Commitment Possible?
▫️ Gain Confidence To Connect With Him In A Deep & Emotional Level.
▫️ What Should You Do When He Turns Distant/Cold (Again)?
Hi, I'm Jassy Clover. I'm a professional Astrologer and an advisor to many wonderful women (and men) who need just a little help to move towards, creating a more fulfilling and committed relationship than before.

Whichever reason the Universe has directed you to me .. I am sure the answers you're looking for will be found in this specially prepared program. 

For over a decade, I've been helping commitment-seeking women attract and sustain meaningful love into their life through the use of Relationship Astrology. I have never come across any case that cannot help a couple to improve on their day-to-day communication, or to enhance their chemistry connection and compatibility.

Whether he is the right man for you, whether you guys can work it out, it all boils down to cracking the code of his zodiac sign, and best still, re-aligning and discovering yourself to manifest positive love in your life.

Let me show you how you can know more about him, how you can capture his heart and bring him closer to you in a deep, soul-level that transcend boundaries and build trust.

If you too, desire answers to your relationship questions...I've prepared a series of self-help materials that could guide you along! There is also an optional upgrade if you would like to have a soulful session with me - to learn how to quickly attract long lasting committed relationships into your life right away.

Knowledge and insights are a woman's best friends. We need them to build successful relationships, wouldn't you agree? 

What used to work brilliantly as top relationship secrets in the past, may not be working as great as they should be now. Why so?

I’ve heard and spoken to countless of women who are in the early stage of dating or already in a relationship, that they have tried applying many different kind (some crazy!) of ways to keep the man they love close to them or to make them commit. Things like:

- How to text a man and let him get smitten over you
- X-days no contact rule if you break up
- What to say to hook him forever
- Wait X-days or X-Hours to see him or reply his message etc

At the end of the day, none seemed to have worked for them! The more I listened, the more I get closer to the answer. It is simple.  

❌ Because NO MAN is created equal and thus, general dating solutions alone won’t work because each person is unique and special, just like you and me!

There’s no doubt to these women's abilities to attract love ❤️ because they are smart, attractive, sexy, beautiful and possess great personalities! In the past I fell prey to narcissists, abusive and unavailable partners. It damages my sanity and esteem because being a successful woman myself in almost every area in my life, how could I fail in my relationships? I thought I was invincible but I wasn't. 

I was crushed.

It was partly because of this that made me seek from within.. to find answers to those tormenting relationships that occur one after another... 

Through my years of practising and research, I am glad to say there is a way to decode certain behaviour patterns of a person’s love language to create higher chances of success in a relationship! 

My days of narcissistic and abusive relationships were OVER!!

I have compiled several books and insights as soulful steps that guide women from all walks of life to experience true meaningful relationships they deserve.

You will be amazed how much you will be able to discover yourself once you begin to seek from deep within. It is profound, and soulful, and the best part, it is interesting and fun and doesn't take much of your time!

"I'm a woman nearing 50 so I didn't think too much about getting someone new in life, until I met Jassy. Before this, I'm totally clueless about making a r/s work.. I always meet up with man who can't commit or I just can't seem to keep a good man long enough by my side. As much as I'm a powerhouse in my career, I couldn't bring out that confidence and strength when I'm in a relationship. It's like shooting in the dark hoping to score a bullseye in finding the One. You've helped me tremendously in allowing me to believe in myself and make me see the gifts I've in me. The entire sessions were illuminating, and enlightening! I've just celebrated our 1yr anniversary, and there are plans for an engagement! - Lauren 47, Virgo
After Applying These Techniques:
  • I stopped falling prey to the wrong men who can’t fit into my life and values
  • I stopped attracting partners who are unavailable, abusive or manipulative
  • I learnt how to get the commitment I want without me looking desperate
  • I know how to ’sniff’ out the types of partners I should totally avoid right from the early stages of dating (save me so much time!)
  • I get to know his level of interests towards me, before things start to get really embarrassing! 🤦‍♀️
Not Just 1 But 6 Amazing Great Offers To Get The Relationship You Want!
the little secrets to your man based on his zodiac sign

#1: A 'Must-Have' special report to decode your special one through his zodiac sign! Learn about how you can easily apply the tools of astrology to understand the themes of your relationship and also unlocking his love language. Is this the type of relationship you are looking for? What's his personality, psyche, interests and needs/wants in love? Are they compatible to what you want in love too? Soul-awakening! (U.P $19.90)

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#2: Not all men are created equal! Discover the type of woman he's most attracted to by looking at his Venus! Venus signifies LOVE and reveals a man's love language! This is how you'll crack the code on what he need in order to feel love and how he gives love! It also reveals the reason why our brother/guy friend tends to choose women of certain traits and personalities. His Venus will tells it all. Are you able to hold his interest? How attracted is he to you? (UP $19.90)

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#3: What turns your man on and trigger his desires to want to pursue - you! — if you want him to chase and come to you without you even asking or trying too hard, then this is a must-have for you! Mars represents motivation, drive and desires! Upon understanding his Mars sign, you can decode what turns him on and what trigger his drive to act on the things he wants! This is also the secrets to his bedroom needs! (UP $19.90)

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#4: Free access to generate UNLIMITED cosmic charts. Not only you will reveal his Venus and Mars signs, you'll also get the ENTIRE star map and full personality of your man! For higher accuracy, his DOB, time and location of birth are required. If you're unsure of the time, it is OK. Put in 12pm. U.P is $30/customised chart and now you can have it all at unlimited usages!

upgrade you in version 2.0; timeless wisdom; you 2.0 ebook

#5: YOU in Version 2.0 eBook - Discover The Timeless Wisdom To Completely Redesign Your Life And Live Your Best Year Ahead! Year after year, you probably make the same resolutions, have the same weight loss goals, have the same relationship issues, ranting on the same old stuff, complaining about the same old job, getting the same pay cheque... Running over and over again like a broken record. Have you ever stop and question yourself, "When is all this gonna stop?” It's a new year, let's make it a good start! No frills, No gimmicks. You want a great love relationship? Start afresh today and get this eBook to redesign your life! (UP $30)

upgrade you in version 2.0; timeless wisdom; you 2.0 ebook

#6: A complimentary one-time VIP consulting (email) session with me! Need a little help or advice to your relationship compatibility or to seek an opinion to your dating needs or to decipher his love language based on his natal chart? You are entitled to a complimentary one-time email session with me! (UP $109/session) There's no expiry to it! I've since helped over hundreds of wonderful ladies in their dating and relationship questions! Let me help you too!

u.p. $427 for full consultation + Giveaways
NOW $ 
One-time Payment Only for Pre-Registration
  • Top 40 Relationship Secrets eBook
  • Type of Woman He's Most Attracted To eBook
  • The Triggers That Makes Him Finds You Irresistible eBook
  • Unlimited Cosmic Chart Access (UP $30/chart)
  • You-Upgrade 2.0 eBook
  • 1x Free Email Session with Jassy on Love/Dating Matters
  • Access to dating tips videos on free membership
In The Past, Others Have Invested Over $400 To Get All That Are Listed Here.. Now You Can Have Them ALL For ONLY $49!
You will also have access to free members videos:
  • Biggest factors that cause men to pull away -- and how to reverse them
  • Dangerous mistakes even smart women make in early stages of a relationship that can potentially kill it 
The most important and priceless thing here is… 
Not only will you get to draw him closer to you, he will feel that you are someone special who can deeply understand him and makes him want to commit to you! The priceless thing? You can apply and use these skills for a lifetime! 
  • It saves you from unnecessary painful heartbreaks and tears
  • ​You know how to sniff out 'Players' and non committed men!
  • You avoid wasting time on the wrong person in life!
Every man is uniquely created! The key to his heart and mind, is to know exactly what he needs in order to feel emotionally connected and attracted to you!
You will gain soulful insights into the theme of your relationship and what do you both truly need in order to bring out the best of each other.  If you are serious in changing your relationship to a fulfilled and meaningful one, then this will be your best bet to create the love you want.. through Relationship Astrology!
  • Gain astrological insights into the psychological makeup of the couple
  • ​Reveal the dynamics and compatibility strength between both couple
  • Identify and learn how to amplify the positive energies between 2 people
  • Identify and learn how to work with challenging energies in your relationship
  • ​Gaining Clarity - Is the relationship created out of Love or Convenience?
This proven technique has worked wonders for the women I've helped. It is practical and so natural that he wouldn’t even sense anything about you trying overly hard to make him commit! Make him come to you! You're going to COMPLETELY eliminate the risk and embarrassment from meeting, dating, and getting commitment from your special one - because you'll know what he's thinking and feeling right up front.

Uh, just in case you wonder, this is not manipulation, or any impractical tips that let you do something against your comfort zone and get you the man you want. This technique brings you to the deepest emotional desire region of the men's minds!

I want to give you every reason to say "YES" to this great offer, because I know what a difference it can make in your life! To make it easier for you, I'm removing all the risks so that you can take the first step without much worries!

When you invest yourself in this program, you will get a 14-days guarantee policy. If you are not completely satisfied (for ANY REASON), simply write in to my team. We will remove you from the program and give you a complete refund. No hassles. No questions. Simple as that.

Why would I do this? Because I stand by my product and have seen them work first hand for myself as well as countless of others! I utilise the powerful tools of relationship astrology to help you break away relationship patterns that no-longer work and help you unblock what is holding you back from the love you deserve. I want to give you every good reason to invest in yourself and in this risk-free program. You'll be so glad you did!

The value you get, significantly outweighs the costs of investing into this program - PRICELESS! 

Let's think about it...What would it cost you to finally be in the relationship you've always wanted? Are you going to be indecisive again and remain the same as who you were yesterday? If the past methods have worked, you wouldn't be here now.. agree?

This program will WORK, regardless of your age or dating history because it focuses on revealing the cosmic compatibility between you and your man, and manifesting your innate gifts to create lasting relationships. It doesn't matter how old you are, what your relationship status is, as long as you manifest that positive vibes and power in you, your ability to connect and build attraction with your man will certainly amplify!

On the other hand, what is the cost of not doing this program? 

How long more do you wish to be single, how many break ups would it take, how many bad dates are you willing to endure before you finally invest in discovering and create the success in your love life? 

Here's the best part! Once you receive these insights, you can use these practical tools for life! They will come in handy throughout your relationship process! They will empower, impact and deepen your relationship at whichever stage your relationship is in!

Some women have even said that this program is a life-saver because they are able to gain clarity to the theme and nature of their relationships and cut their losses short if it feels too unbearable or unhealthy for them to continue on. Knowledge and information are a woman's best friend!

- Is he with you out of convenience or out of true love?
- What is the potential of the relationship and where is it heading?
- What are the challenging energies in the relationship and how can you go about harmonising them?
- Learn to identify loving traits in the relationship and amplify them to increase happiness!

When you apply what you’ve learnt and put them into actions, you'll have:

  • More confidence because you have the knowledge to know what makes him 'tick' and respond to him in a way that he will feel loved and fulfilled. 
  • A deeper connection and feeling of intimacy as your relationship progresses.
  • More fun and enjoyable time! There'll be less friction and stress, because you're able to cushion off any conflict before it even begins to blow up!
  • Being the best version of yourself and keeping your emotions at check in a positive way (even during conflicts and challenging moments!) 
  • The capacity to make concise and insightful decision in the relationship without jeopardising your own growth and needs
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Jassy is one of the most sought after professional astrologers who specialises in relationship consulting for commitment-seeking women. She also consults on professional level and help others rediscover their truest self and potential.

She lives and breathes Astrology and she is passionate in her deep researches and analysis of every natal and compatibility chart. Her motto is simple - To simplify the complex and profound astrological aspects and to deliver the findings to inspire and empower others. 

Her spiritual ability to connect with her clients made her unique and highly recommended by serious individuals who want a breakthrough in their lives.  After seeing so many lives transformed under her care, Jassy decides it is time to step into the light, to touch as many lives as she can.

Jassy believes that the answers to what we have been seeking for are already displayed through the celestial bodies and stars, capable to heal us towards a greater self, gaining deeper clarity and finding fulfilment in our lives. Her readings are unbiased and provides revelation and hopes to anyone who wish to seek an alternative way to self-development and transformation in relationships. 

Using Relationship Astrology to brilliantly decode the minds and hearts of men, Jassy also brings about a soulful way to enable women to be empowered and awakened to their true calling and purpose in life. Helping you to create deep, fulfilling relationships with the ones you love. 
“A total AH-HA lightbulb moment for me and I had no idea how much I could actually learn and take away from this mini program!!! The insights are refreshing and HUGE! I'd recommend anyone who wants clarity into their relationship to get this! She means business and this isn't fluff!!” ~ Diana, 36, Gemini
To You! My Beautiful Stardust, Here's My Story...

I know how frustrating it can be to go through the entire dating process, to give your heart to someone and at the end of the day, you are not treated in a way that is deserving for you… I know how devastating it is to be left with unspoken heartbreaks and pains... wondering if you could ever have the strength to ever give your heart away… Trust me I’ve been there and I know exactly how that felt… My relationships have never survived more than 4-months with any man I’ve dated ever since my divorce… 

You may think “How could I work with someone who doesn’t even have a history of good relationship??”

...The person who has been through the most, has the most to give…  I have my share of heartbreaks, tears, and gotten my heart ripped open over and over before I truly understand what is needed in order to find meaning in my relationships.. and guiding others the same too. My failed relationships were one of the biggest reasons that propelled me to become who I am today.

I met a Cancerian man few years ago through an online dating app. It was like a dream come true. He brought joy to me like no one else. We shared the most beautiful moments together and he has the most beautiful smile and eyes I've seen! We captivated each other and had really good time together, things picked up REAL quick. It was all so natural and we got intimate fast and that's where things started changing. He would call me and talk for hours, he would meet me almost every other day, he would text me randomly everyday just to say he miss me. Well the bliss was short-lived.. just after 2 months into the relationship, he suddenly turned cold and became passive aggressive. There were lots of power plays and controlling of each other unconsciously. There were unexplained undercurrents of 'tsunamis' in the relationship which were killing us. 

There were times he would end our dates abruptly, and he would, in a forcible way, get his ways around without considering my needs. There were ugly times that he refused to hold my hands or avoid getting close to me in public (what the heck!). It was hurtful, I was about to throw in the towel again. I don't know and I felt really shitty. Not to say, our relationship is toxic and tumultuous..

As an astrologer, I have helped so many people get the relationships they want but when it comes to my own, I always jump into one without checking what am I getting myself into. So I began to do a compatibility check between this Cancer guy and me, a Libra woman. You know, I am already prepared to see lots of challenges between us especially now our relationship was on the rocks.

To my surprise.... it was the most compatible chart I have seen in the history of my relationships! Yes there were some challenges but the chemistry and strengths outshined the cons. It gave me a double boost and I knew just what I need to find the sweet spot and tweak things around between us. 

My Cancer man is not exactly a 100% Cancer but with a mixture of so many other zodiac signs' energies that make up his overall personality (that's the beauty of using relationship astrology as it deep dived into understanding a person inside out)! Along the way I realised the reason why he was cold and distant towards me. I also find out the reasons why his behaviour was narcissistic and toxic and after understanding him psychologically and emotionally, he finally open up and we are so much closer and are able to connect in a soulful manner. As I worked my way to get to his deepest core, his emotional depth, his thoughts and love languages, he began changing.. for the better!

For years.. he sends text/messages to me everyday and would drive by my house every few other days just to see me. When we were out, his hands will never let go of mine. He would shuffle me into the inner lane where I won't be near the incoming cars. He helped me with my house chores when I was sick and at times, he would initiate family outings and send my kids to school (kids were from my previous marriage). The biggest deal of all? For the first time in his life, he brought a woman back home to meet his family and his extended family - and that woman - is me. 

I did not ask him to do any of these and it warms my heart to see the quiet love he has been giving me. This tough, cold, manipulative and narcissistic man has turned into a completely different person! It took me a while to crack his code, but it was definitely worth it. To add on, our bedroom acts were still very alive and mind-blowing! Because when a man is emotionally connected, the passion will simply flow so naturally!

NOT ALL MEN are created EQUAL! Therefore blanket dating solutions alone won’t work! If you continue to apply a generic solution, not only you can’t get him to commit, it will further push him away from you!  The illuminating tools of relationship astrology will help you deep dive into the ways how the mind interacts with the emotions, allowing you to see your relationship in a whole new light. 

If you want to build attraction and establish soulful connection that leads to lasting love, then you have to understand what men truly want, how they fall in love, what builds attraction, what sustains the connection, and Relationship Astrology will be able to answer it all!

And here's the good news! I'm going to walk you through a transformative program so that you can fully understand how to decode your man and to get close to him. This is for women who are SERIOUS in making a positive change in their dating and relationship life. As soon as you begin, everything around you will start to shift to your positive perspective. You will experience the immense value of what you are about to get! This is going to be a LIFE-LONG SKILL for you - whether you are single and looking for love or already in a relationship and want better bonding! 

If you don't have the relationship you want right now or if you don’t like the relationship you are in, be the change you want to see and attract the kind of relationship you desire! Once you are able to understand your man's behaviour and how to work around blending the energies between you both, the rest is history...

So stop guessing what's really happening in his head, and you can turn it around into your favour! Men are exceptionally drawn to a woman who understands how to read his signals. And when you do, he will instantly see YOU as that special woman for him.


What if I’m not satisfied?
If you follow and apply what has been taught, you will experience more empowerment and clarity in your relationship. Results achieved are per case basis and may not be the same for every individual since each case is unique. Always remember that this program serves to increase your chances of building a lasting and fulfilling relationship with the right man in life. What’s best about the program is that you will get to understand the inner workings of you and your man’s heart and mind and apply them to bring him closer to you! In any case you are unhappy, feel free to email us at hello@insideclover.com for a full refund within 14 days. This is our policy and guarantee to you. 

While having a risk-free guarantee is great but the main idea of it is to get you started and to know there's a way that you can achieve better relationships and deeper connection with the man you love. Don’t worry about the eBooks, they are here for you to keep even if you have decided to stop the program. We will remove you from the program and provide you with a complete refund. No hassles. No questions. Simple as that.

Which era is this now? Do women really need help like this in love??
Some women have been through tremendous personal struggles like losses and divorce and would like to get back into the “dating scene” with confidence.
Some are high-achievers “career women” who need a little bit of help in finding the balance in life while creating sparks in their love relationships.
Some women may want to create a more fulfilling and purposeful life outside of their pursuit of the right relationship...
Some women still haven’t experience the kind of romance they want… and others have great partners but can’t seem to figure out how to love themselves the right way.. Others may need help finding the strength to face the fears that hold them back from getting the life they want.

"What Jassy teaches, goes beyond just tips, or “dating advice"; she teaches the pivotal cosmic tools any woman will need to become their own version of “high value” self so that you can create a deep connection with a man who is truly worthy of you using the proven techniques of relationship astrology!"

Is this a good investment?
Absolutely! This will be one of the best investments you can make in your love life! Let's face it honestly... Nothing else you’ve tried so far has worked, or you wouldn’t be here right now. You may have Googled for dating advice articles, but those are generic and general dating advices! You need something more customised and personalised, we are talking about understanding the complexity of a human being in love now. Or you may have thrown your energy (and $) into things that don’t get to the real core of the issue: crash diets, slimming packages, hair and makeup, buying the perfect outfit for every date, love potions, crystals... all in the hopes of wanting to attract your guy to pay more attention and love you more… 
Women may not see these as 'costly investments', but apparently, these costs can easily add up to nearly $4'000 annually on average! 😑😮
You may also have invested in motivational self-help books and courses or bought into empty promises from “gurus” who claimed you could manifest a man into your life if you just wanted him badly enough. Even thousands of dollars worth of therapies might not have gotten you the practical, immediate strategies you needed to meet and build a relationship with the man of your dreams. 

And the BIGGEST cost of all? Your TIME. 

How much time have you’ve wasted on dates that go nowhere, breaking up with one man and dating another, having your heart broken, wondering what you could have done differently, only to go back to square one and start all over again. 

So how is this program different?
They’re the right investment you can make in your love life because they work! It is NOT a blanket solution that wins you in the dating game but more about how you can bring about a soulful connection with your man and making your relationship a fulfilling and meaningful one. 

Not only will you get to understand him in a deeper and more profound manner, you increase the chance of him coming closer to you because you 'speak his language of LOVE!" If he is proven to be the right man for you, the next step from him, will be to want to commit to you unconditionally, without you even asking! 

Jassy is handing you a combination of priceless insights that will help you understand the inner workings to your man and practical strategies you can start using immediately to get him commit fully to you!

So ask yourself this: "Can I afford to give this A MISS.. again?" This program comes with a 14-Day money-back guarantee*. If this isn't something for you, you don’t pay, so there’s no risk at all for you to give it a try!
If you aren't investing in bettering your relationships, no matter what proven methods are given to you, you'll never be able to appreciate or value them...
"A refreshing and different way to experience love! Now I know how to bring about the good 'triggers' and pull him closer!" - Sally 37 Taurus
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P.S. - if you're like me who prefer to scroll right down to the bottom page to check things out and just wanted to see what the offer was... At just $49, you're getting the amazing offer - the secret formula to create life-changing and transformative love relationships and making your man commit to you even without you asking for it!
“Who knows I've been using the wrong ways after all! After applying your methods and advices, I do see the big difference in our communication and closeness! I realised my strong water elements can sometimes be too emotional for him and I've learnt to better control my emotions before things get worse! Not only it brought us closer it also brings out the better version in me! Silly me thought astrology is just a myth and superstition but after learning the tools, I'm MIND-BLOWN! I'm glad to have decoded his personality makes my life much easier now :D. I'm soo grateful to have taken this step to change my life!” - Liza 38 Aries
“Jassy, I can’t thank you enough for your amazing advices and spot-on readings because I finally found him! Actually I'd say we found each other! It just feels like dejavu when we met! After knowing you I gained so much clarity.. and yes you're right.. only after I'm released from my old self, and heal from my pain, he's ready to appear and so did he! Thanks for teaching me how to be authentic and not to be afraid to drop someone who doesn’t fit my needs. For every man I spend time waiting, I know that there's definitely a real man waiting for me too. I'll never forget these words of yours.” - Joey 39 Libra
"Online dating has always been a mystery and I feel like a total stranger and often screw up big time!! I felt like a complete failure at times and I don't know how to open up to men. Either I set my expectations too high and get myself burnt or giving my all and putting my entire energy onto one man. Your dating advices are god-send and the sessions with you really help me tremendously in discovering what my true calling is. I'm good now and is able to know how to steer clear of men who don't fit the bill. Appreciate everything that you've done for me.. Thanks Jas, it has been kinda transformative these past few months." - Yen 45, Capricorn
“30 and yet no proper guy in my entire life.. I remembered that was my opening liner to you lolx. All my close friends were either married happily or engaged and yet I'm still unable to find the guy I want. I've never entered into a long-term relationship before.. Not that I'm overly picky but I just can't seem to attract good guys to stay with me for long! Writing you this testimony is to tell you that I've finally moved past my 10th month of dating with Alex! After seeing your dating advices and the sessions we had I realised how much I've been doing wrong in my life! But hey I'm saved now and its by you! Thanks Jas!” - Irene 42 Sagittarius
"I didn't know astrology can be used on relationship! I'm so excited to be knowing him from a total different angle and am looking forward to apply what I've learnt about his zodiac signs to get closer to him. Well most of the times it works! Thanks, this is definitely a relationship saver, at least for me!" - Tanya 39, Leo
"I thought he's a Leo but after knowing his personality through his planets and zodiacs, I'm able to get to him so much better now, and that has given us way lesser conflicts! The astro charts speak a million words and I'm so glad that I've gotten them. Didn't know there's so much stuff I didn't know about myself too!" - Amy 29, Scorpio
“Possibly one of the most accurate interpretations on Virgo guys...speaking as a Sagittarius who is into astrology, so I'm not 'new' at this...it shouldn't be that difficult. Like being in limbo, driving me crazy to be honest! Jassy has a gift and thankfully she is sharing this skills of hers to our benefit!” - Tanisha 41, Sagi
”I've to thank Jassy for her amazing tips to a Cancer man.. After a 5-year relationship with a narcissist I was so scared to enter a new relationship.. Jassy's materials and program are amazing and they all allowed me to learn about my Cancer guy and have helped me to embrace this new chapter.. Thanks J” - Audrie 39 Virgo 
Grab This Amazing Offer!
Now For Only $49 - LIMITED TIME!
14 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments throughout all credit/debit card merchants!
Your Friend & Relationship Astrologer,
Jassy Clover
A project of InsideClover Astrology